Welcome to the new, re-jigged version of Athena Multisport Magazine!

For those of you who are completely new to our concept, pull up a seat and I will tell you a little about the adventure we have been on thus far. In late June this year we launched our first ever digital edition of Athena Multisport Magazine (for more background on this pop over to the ‘About’ section of this site). It was an extremely proud moment for not only myself and the Contributors, but also for Athena athletes who were a little tired of not seeing themselves represented in any of the current Multisport media publications. The launch performed beyond expectations, BUT, I would not be a good operator if I didn’t take time for reflection and thinking about how we do this better. So here we are, online in a revised format which provides a platform through which I believe we will all thrive.

For those of you who purchased our first edition – thank you! I cannot really place into words the gratitude I have for your support, and I hope you loved the first edition. One of the greatest assets you can have as an athlete is adaptability, and I must admit I draw on this asset often in my daily life – and particularly at this moment.

My key motivation in making this change for the publication is to simply take away any barriers to the wealth of information we have available through our contributors and wider Athena athlete community. I want MORE people to access the information, to see MORE athletes like themselves represented in multisport resources, and I want MORE people to see that there is a place for them in multisport – and that we are one awesome, positive, embracing community.

Onward and upward!!!