Meredith Atwood, better known as “Swim Bike Mom” and co-founder, Ansley Sebring started the operation Swim Bike Sell in 2012 as a way of consigning triathlon equipment. Quickly, they realized that the greatest need in the triathlon community was triathlon tops and shorts in “real” women’s sizing–from extra small to four extra large.

After a few years of selling the Swim Bike Mom kits to all the moms in the triathlon community, they created the multi-faceted brand, Tri*Fe–which in short means “Triathlon for the Every Woman.”

“The biggest achievement and sense of pride that I have in our triathlon and cycling clothing is the fact that we can offer such a wide range of sizes for all body types, and in sizes that are true-to-size. In other words, if you wear an XL shirt, you will most likely wear an XL kit in our gear. That is a small miracle in the world of triathlon,” Meredith says.

“Additionally, the designs are hot and look great on every body from XS to 4XL.”

Tri*Fe and Swim Bike Mom kits come in racerback tops or longer, no-zip tops.  They also have drawstring shorts and yoga (soft) band shorts, as well as one-piece designs.  Swim Bike Sell carries over seven kit designs, tees and tanks, and most are in stock at

And if you require a size that they don’t have in stock, they can usually turn it around for you in 4-6 weeks.

They have recently added a new brand to the stable, Tri*Fe™.

Meredith says “Tri*Fe™” is a nod towards “triathlon” and “female” [and if we are getting super-nerdy, the chemical symbol for the element, iron: “Fe”]. Whether you aspire to iron or to 5k, our Tri*Fe™ clothing is made in the spirit of you– triathlon for the EVERY woman.”

Even the Starfish on the gear has significance and is a nod to the journeys that many of us encounter on our road to triathlon:

“The Starfish is a symbol of growth and regeneration. In the world of healing, the Starfish is the symbol of new chances, new days. If the starfish can re-grow, then so can we.  We regenerate new avenues through triathlon that leads us on this path. The Starfish reminds us that we can grow our own path, while trusting our instincts along the way.”

For more information on the Swim Bike Sell and Tri Fe ranges, head to