It excites me immensely when I get to write about another range of tri gear catering to size 4XL…

‘Venganza’, as it translates to English means ‘Revenge’, which, as Gina Ostrander Cornell admits herself, is a pretty intense concept for a clothing range, even if it is tri gear. But as she explains, the revenge could be against those who doubt you, or the doubt we often have in our own strength and abilities to keep going to the finish. So was this size-diverse tri gear line designed by Gina and produced by Borah Teamwear inspired by revenge? No, it was pretty much inspired by cake.

With a flair for design from an early age, Gina later discovered a love and a talent for cake decorating, leading her to take some classes and even design a few wedding cakes. Gina’s joy for designing elaborate cakes saw her sampling the goods often, leading to a warning from her GP that a few health markers were calling for some lifestyle changes.

Like many of us, Gina stumbled into triathlon through a ‘why not?’ moment at her local gym. And like all of us, after her first race, she was hooked. But she was also frustrated.

As is the common theme with Athena triathletes, Gina found that gear options, particularly the cute designs, were largely targeted towards smaller athletes. Tired of making do in gear that rode up, chafed, or designed for men, Gina decided to turn her talent for design into a tri line which was practical, size diverse and cute. With the Tri Gear Gods shining down on her, Gina was fortunate enough to connect with Borah Teamwear, who loved her designs and ethos, and Venganza was born.

Gina Ostrander Cornell in the ‘La Era’ Kit by Venganza.

Needless to say it only takes one look at the Venganza site to see the kit designs are gorgeous, but there are also some key features which sets Venganza apart from the rest. In order to address the dreaded riding-up experienced with many two piece kits, the Venganza tops hook down to the shorts (yay!); and if you’re not a fan of lower cut tops, Gina has also made the tops a little higher around the neckline.

Perhaps best of all, both Gina and Borah Teamwear have made an effort for the sizing of Venganza, which caters from size XS to 4XL, to align closely with standard clothing sizes, which is a relief to all of us who have experienced the dreaded ‘kit size translation’ before!

Gina Ostrander Cornell in the Cozumel Sol kit by Venganza.

Did Gina ever in a million years predict that one day she would be competing in Ironman and have her own Tri Gear line?

“Never. Ever.

When I first started triathlons I could barely run and I thought biking 12 miles was a feat. I have realized and learned through this all (triathlons and Venganza) you have to just try, just attempt and see what will happen. 

What is the worst that could happen?”

Spoken like a true Athena Triathlete.

For more information on Gina’s range of tri suits, click here.