Image: Nicole Spears Photography

WELCOME to the Athena Multisport Magazine site. I am so proud to present this resource to the Athena community, and have been so, so humbled by the support thus far.

For a number of years now, it has been my mission to see more body diverstiy and varying abilities represented in multisport publications and other sports media formats. And as in all things, there comes a time when you just have to say “well if you won’t do it, then we will.”

So here we are. A stay-at-home-mum and proud Athena who, with the support of an amazing community of coaches and athletes, is publishing a multisport resource specifically for the Athena community. Knowledge, inspiration and a true celebration of #athenapride.

The aim of Athena Multisport Magazine is to provide you with the resources and knowledge you need to train, thrive, and perform as the athlete you are, in the body you have right now. Because of this, you may notice the absence of the talk of ‘lean’ or losing weight in the information we present regarding training and nutrition. Our goal is to simply present you with the information you need to perform without the suggestion that you need a different body to do it in.

Above all, the purpose of this site is to celebrate the Athena athlete community.

Women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds – each with their own story of how they fell into the world of multisport. We celebrate both diversity and a common bond – we love what we do, and we love sharing it with each other.

For all of you who proudly share your images  and stories with us, I thank you and am incredibly grateful.

I also wish to thank the Contributors who generously share their knowledge and skills with Athena Multisport. It truly is an honour to present information from these specialist coaches, trainers, nutritionists and fellow athletes.

It demonstrates to me the respect that each contributor has for us as athletes, and the belief in our community as a significant and important part of the overall multisport arena.

Thank you again for supporting this project.

With immense gratitude, Leah.

ABOUT LEAH: Leah G is known for her work as a plus size athlete and body positive fitness specialist. The Founder of Body Positive Athletes, Leah is passionate about creating body diversity in coverage of sports so that many more people can see there is a place for every BODY in sport. Leah has been featured by outlets such as Bustle.com, Cosmopolitan, Marie Clare, and The Huffington Post. For more information view here